Botas RSC Prolink Skate Rollerski Boots

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Carbon fiber for more support when skate rollerskiing. The overall lightened model in attractive design combining black and red colours with additional reflexive elements. The top is made of special synthetic material combined with breathable textile material for maximum boot ventilation. The feeling of comfort inside the boot is enhanced by the anatomically shaped replaceable insole INSOLE LB PERF with perforation for better removal of humidity and heat from the boot.

Perfect riding properties are guaranteed above all by the asymmetrical anatomically shaped rotary carbon cuff connected by an articulate joint to the carbon heel stabilizers and a velcro cuff for reinforcement in the ankle and shank area. 

Compatible with Prolink, Turnamic, and NNN skate bindings only.


We measured the inside lengths (Tape measure inside boot with insole in) and got the following lengths:


  • 39 Euro/6 UK/26 cm/ 7 US: 10"
  • 40 Euro/6.5 UK/26.5 cm/7.5 US: 10 1/4
  • 41 Euro/7 UK/27 cm/8 US: 10 3/8"
  • 41.5 Euro/7.5 UK/27.5 cm/8.5 US: 10 5/8"
  • 42 Euro/8 UK/28 cm/9 US: 10 3/4"
  • 42.5 Euro/8.5 UK/28.5 cm/9.5 US: 11"
  • 43 Euro/9 UK/29 cm/10 US: 11 1/8"
  • 44 Euro/9.5 UK/29.5 cm/10.5 US: 11 3/8"
  • 45 Euro/10 UK/30 cm/11 US: 11 1/2"
  • 45.5 Euro/10.5 UK/30.3 cm/11.5 US: 11 5/8"
  • 46 Euro/11 UK/30.5 cm/12 US: 11 3/4-11 7/8"
  • 46.5 Euro/11. 5 UK/ 30.7 cm/12.5 US: 12 1/8"
  • 47 Euro/12 UK/31 cm/13 US: 12 1/4"



You can measure your foot by backing it up against a wall barefoot and measure out. Generally for summer sock thickness and to ensure toes aren't rubbing on front, you want a boot that is your foot length plus ~1/2-5/8"

When lacing up this boot, we suggest not lacing through the top white eyelets (see 2nd product pic). When lacing through those, it creates a tight spot when bending ankle forward. Very comfortable and supportive when not lacing up through these top most eyelets.