FAQ: What is the maintenance on rollerskis?

Don't rollerski through pooled water where the bearings are submerged. Periodically check to make sure axle bolts are tight. Note, on the Pursuit Fork Flex the 4 mm vertical bolt behind the fender should not be adjusted for tightness as the purpose of it it to ensure the frame tubing stays square and doesn't bulge. Before rollerskiing, look over your rollerskis to see if any cracks in the frames or wheel spokes are present. If a crack of a wheel spoke occurs it often causes a clicking sound. Replace wheels when they wear off about 5 mm of diameter.  Smaller wheels create a rougher ride and increase impact forces on the frames and spokes. 

FAQ: Warranty Information:

RollerskiShop.com LLC guarantees its Pursuit wheels for one (1) year from date of purchase against material or manufacturing fault which essentially affects usability. This guarantee doesn't cover normal wear and tear. Claims should be submitted to Sales@RollerskiShop.com and include the date of purchase, contact info, description of fault, circumstances fault became apparent or arose, weight of the skier and estimate of distance traveled on the wheels. Claim might require emailing photo of fault or returning of the wheel(s) if deemed necessary by us.  

FAQ: Mounting fees: 

Mounting is free when you buy bindings from us. We don't do a one size fits all for mounting, rather mount for your foot size. 

FAQ: What do I all need to get started in rollerskiing?
The item list is: rollerskis, bindings, boots, poles, and ferrules for your pole tips. Other items include helmet, gloves, file for sharpening ferrule tips. 

FAQ: What is the cost of shipping?
We want your business no matter where you live, so shipping to the US and even Canada is currently free! We ship to most other countries for a flat $25/40 USD. Duties and importation fees are buyer's responsibility. We can't ship poles out of the 48 states however.

FAQ: How long does shipping take?
We generally get orders out the door within 1-4 days. During periods of high order volume it may be longer. Orders in the United States are shipped Postal or FedEx Ground. Canadian shipments are via Postal and can take anywhere from 8-15 days generally. Overseas shipments are via Postal or FedEx. 

FAQ: Do you have team discounts?
Yes we do. Our standard team pricing is 10% off regular price on rollerskis and bindings on orders of 5 or more pairs of rollerskis when bought and shipped as one order (doesn't include Rulla brand). Free shipping and no charge mounting. Email sales@rollerskishop.com for more info. Please allow extra time for team orders. If your team is thinking about ordering, feel free to ask how long it will take to fill a team order. 

FAQ: Would you recommend classic or skate rollerskis?
Depends on what your goals are. Skating is easier and safer to do on rollerskis. Most citizen racers skate in their races, therefore their off-season training should include skating. We don’t like combi rollerskis because they are a compromise of both. Buy one pair and get the other later if you want to get into both. 

FAQ: What determines the speed?
Biggest factor affecting speed is the wheel compound and not the bearings. Rubber is often slower than polyurethane (what inline skate wheels are made of) and the pneumatic (inflatable) wheels. Sealed bearings verses shielded are generally slower. 

FAQ: I have a different brand of rollerskis and want to know if Pursuit 100x24 mm rubber wheels will fit?
Pursuit rubber fits Pro-Ski S5e, Elpex F1, Ski Skett Shark, and others. Other 105 mm skate models such as Marwes 610’s can be converted to fit our wheels with our conversion spacers listed for $10 on our Parts page. If your rollerskis use smaller wheels, be sure the forks are long enough to accommodate the bigger 100 mm wheel. Our built wheels come setup with 6 mm shoulder style bearing spacers, but if you need 8 mm floating bearing spacers such as for putting on V2 98's, we can build with those if you let us know. Axles shouldn’t need replacing unless they are getting stripped. If you’re curious about having them work out, you can order and if things don’t work out we'll give you a refund if wheels not worn. 

FAQ: Can I put inline skate racing wheels on Pursuits?
Yes but many inline skate wheels can't handle heat buildup and may separate from the rims. We sell racing Pursuit Polyurethane wheels.

FAQ: Is it tough changing wheels? 
It’s easy as long as you aren't removing/inserting bearings. You’ll need two wrenches to loosen up the axle bolts. Take off old wheels. If you are reusing your bearings on skate wheels, use a bearing removal tool by inserting it through the bearing spacer and tap the opposite side bearing out. Then put the bearing spacer back in and tap out the last bearing still in place. Bearing spacers and wheels spacers do not wear out, so you can reuse these parts. To put bearings into hubs, push wheel down over the bearing flat on a table. Bearings fit very tight however so we don't recommend trying to press in your bearings. 

FAQ: How can I make my wheels wear evenly?
When out rollerskiing, always swap your skis on your feet at the half-way point. This will help to ensure the wheels wear evenly and last longer. If wheels start wearing more on one side they will want to track towards one side. 

FAQ: Can I use Pursuits on gravel roads?
No. 100 mm, 105, and 109 mm wheels are not made for soft surfaces. 

FAQ: Do Pursuits dampen road vibration?
Most of the road vibration is stopped through the rubber wheels, and the Pursuit Fork Flex model with spring steel forks dampen it also (really lightweight skiers will flex them less). Really rough roads will cause more vibration that isn't taken out, but generally really bad roads should make up a short percentage of your total distance.

FAQ: How do you brake on these?
We have a pull brake. It mounts above the back wheel of one of your rollerskis, and a pull cord connects it to your waist. To engage put the braking ski forward for a stable stance and pull up on the pull handle on the cord. Without a brake, the best way to slow down is to do a wide stance snow plow (not as effective as on snow skis). You can also do an “in-step” like inline skate racers do. To bail off a trail in an emergency, put one leg forward and lean back on the other when you go off the trail. 

FAQ: Do you sell speed reducers?
We don't sell speed reducers as we aren't a fan of any on the market as they can rattle a ton and hard to keep engaged as same level for extended periods of time. There are 3 speeds of Pursuit rubber, and the slowest (speed 3) is very slow (only for the strongest skiers). Starting with the right speed combined with our brake allows for excellent training. 

FAQ: How do I tell wheel speed?
Check your wheel cores to see if they have a speed number pressed into the metal. 

FAQ: How do I know what size of ferrules to buy?
The measurement is the diameter at the bottom of the pole. Most are 10 mm. They can be removed by dipping end in boiling water as the glue is heat sensitive, or carefully using heat gun. Then put the ferrule on using heat sensitive glue so they will come off again. 

FAQ: How do you mount bindings?
We suggest you have us mount your bindings as the alloy makes it much tougher mounting than snow skis. We use a binding jig for drilling the holes, and then it becomes difficult with setting the screws to have the bindings on straight. If bindings are slightly crooked, the skis won't perform as good leading to tracking towards one side. 

FAQ: What’s your return policy?
• Items must be returned within 30 days of purchase. 
• Items must be in new and unused condition and must be returned with all original packaging. 
• Clothing items must be unworn with all original hang tags still attached.
• Used rollerskis may be returned used within 30 days of purchase but will be assessed a 20% used fee.
• Returner covers return shipping costs. 

FAQ: What is your phone number to talk to someone?
Call us at (320) 492-1275 

FAQ: How are international customs fees/duties handled? 
Customer pays.

Most international shipments are done via postal, which incur the smallest customs processing fee's compared to UPS and FedEx. 

FAQ: Do I need a composite frame?

Composite shaft rollerskis cost more due to higher input costs. If you have below average pavement the composites frames dampen the ride more, but if your pavement is average or better, you’re fine on aluminum frame rollerskis. Our Pursuit Fork Flex is aluminum with spring steel forks which dampen more than our straight frame Pursuit, but lightweight skiers will flex them less.  

FAQ: What are the Pursuit wheel speed options? 

  • Speed 1 - Faster Not a popular choice due to being faster. Shorter wheel life due to multi ply construction. 
  • Speed 1/2 - Mix: Speed 1 on front and 2 on back. 
  • Speed 2 - Slow: Speed and resistance level comparable to snow. Most popular. Good for 75% of skiers out there. 
  • Speed 2/3 - Mix: Speed 2 on back and speed 3 front. Good for top 20% skiers. 
  • Speed 3 - Ultra-slow: For strong/elite skiers looking for a lot of resistance. 

    100 mm diameter: Standard wheel size good for average skiers. Weight: 202 grams. 
    105 mm diameter: Good for more advanced skiers with better balance. Smoother and longer lasting. Slightly less stability as you are riding 2.5 mm higher off the ground, but if you have average to good balance then not an issue. 206 grams.
  • 109 mm diameter: Only for using on the Pursuit Fork Flex Elite model which have longer forks and more fork drop to accommodate a larger wheel.