Pursuit Straight Frame Rollerski Fender

Pursuit Rollerskis
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New straight frame skate fender design. Made for the Pursuit straight frame models like the T6004 and T6005. Works with both 100 and 105 mm wheels. Durable and won't break.  Design optimizes top of frame length for heel plate mounting room. Great memory properties allowing travel to not be a problem for deforming the fenders.


Designed and manufactured in the USA. Even the tooling for the injection mold was made in the USA! 

Price per fender. 

Weight: 12 grams/fender


Same hole configuration as the old Pursuit fenders on straight frames, so easy retrofit. 

Also fit on the Rulla and Weihai Snow Wing fiberglass skate rollerskis, with the base of the fender fitting between the raised sides of the forks, but hold placement is slightly different, but fender holes can be drilled over.