RullaXC Classic Roller Skis with Bindings

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RullaXC are low price entry rollerskis. Price includes Salomon Prolink Access bindings mounted as pictured. Great for a team on a tight budget or skier that wants a fiberglass frame and save money. RullaXC speed 2 is standard from the factory that we would classify as being on the faster side. If you are looking for a higher level classic rollerski we suggest the Swix or Swenor.

  • Wheel size: 75x44 mm  

  • Height of top of frame unweighted: 57.5 mm

  • Frame thickness: 22.5 mm

  • Ground clearance unweighted: 35 mm 

  • 708 mm wheelbase  

  • 2,366 grams/pr including fenders (not including binding weight)

  • Soft fiberglass concave flex 

  • Rigid fenders standard

  • 170 lb (77 kg) weight limit.

  • Clutched wheel in back.

Sizes 45 and under are mounted on balance point. Sizes over 45 get mounted in front of balance point based on boot size so back of boot clears rear fender.  

If you encounter any tracking issues, tap the side of the wheels on the pavement to adjust tracking direction.

RullaXC rollerskis ship free in the USA. $10 USD shipping fee per pair to Canada and other countries, plus $25/35 USD flat rate order fee to other countries. 


Note, if you have the new 2022 and newer Salomon S/Max or R10 Nocturne boots, please include a note saying this so we mount the bindings an additional cm further forward as these two boot models have a very long outsole protruding off the backside that needs more room to clear rear fender.